GlucoMe takes diabetes care to the next level. Integrating reliable personalized information, shared insights and concrete treatment recommendations, GlucoMe’s all-inclusive diabetes care platform changes the way medical teams and patients work together.

GlucoMe streamlines diabetes management, closing the loop between patients, connected care devices, caregivers, and medical teams. With GlucoMe, it’s simpler for medical professionals to provide more efficient care, and reinforce self-care behavior - with less overhead and greater insights.

Digital Diabetes Clinic

GlucoMe’s unique cloud-based Digital Diabetes Clinic (DDC) offers clinicians a new standard of patient communication and treatment decision support.

GlucoMe DDC uses highly-accurate, real-time data gathered directly from patient smartphones and analyzed by advanced algorithms. This enables medical professionals to remotely monitor patient condition, adjust treatment plans and send professional recommendations directly to patients – even between office visits.

GlucoMe DDC also offers unmatched big data insights into real-life patient behavior patterns with individual-level reports about patient compliance and treatment efficacy, as well as global population, clinic, and patient group management reports.

GlucoMe DDC Advantages

  • More effective, personalized and optimized patient treatment
  • Full and accurate snapshot of patient condition and clinical data
  • Smarter treatment decision making
  • Closer patient monitoring and treatment adjustment even between office visits
  • Safer treatment with up-to-the-minute information on insulin intake and blood glucose levels