GlucoMe Solution

GlucoMe is a comprehensive, digital diabetes care platform that simplifies the way patients, caregivers, and medical professionals manage diabetes.

Blood glucose measurements are automatically recorded by the GlucoMe Smart Glucose Monitor. Data is seamlessly transferred to each patient’s smartphone, stored in the GlucoMe Mobile App, and analyzed in our cloud-based Digital Diabetes Clinic.

GlucoMe’s personalized reports, actionable insights, real-time alerts and proactive treatment approach help caregivers, medical professionals, and patients ensure compliance, improve diabetes management, reduce HbA1c levels, and impact overall quality of life.

GlucoMe’s Digital Diabetes Clinic continuously analyzes clinical data, providing treatment recommendations for each patient. Along with population management, GlucoMe enables digital or face-to-face intervention for the right patients at the right time. This saves time and money for both healthcare providers and payers.

GlucoMe Advantages

  • Lowers the burden on patients, caregivers and medical teams

Simple for caregivers, simple for patients – GlucoMe provides tools that lower the burden of diabetes monitoring for everyone. Intuitive, simple to operate, and practical - with GlucoMe, nothing needs to be remembered, calculated, or written down.

  • Streamlines diabetes information flow

GlucoMe delivers better and more efficient care without additional resources. Real-time patient data is transferred automatically from any mobile device to GlucoMe’s cloud-based clinic. Caregivers and medical professionals receive real-time alerts, insights, and reports – providing guidance and feedback anywhere, anytime.

  • Enables truly holistic diabetes care

GlucoMe’s all-inclusive diabetes care dramatically changes the way medical teams and patients work together. GlucoMe simplifies diabetes care, providing reports of glucose measurements and insulin dosing, disease management information and treatment insights. GlucoMe offloads the burden of diabetes administration from patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers – making diabetes care both more effective and more cost-effective.

  • Personalized, optimized diabetes care

GlucoMe optimizes diabetes care for patients and clinics. Patients receive more personalized treatment, minutely matched to their unique personal condition. A detailed step-by-step treatment plan, pre-defined and remotely monitored by medical professionals, accompanies each patient on his or her smartphone every step of the way. For professionals, GlucoMe enables better decision making, easier diabetes management, and the peace of mind that comes with providing truly state-of-the-art treatment.