GlucoMe Blood Monitor

Streamlining Blood Glucose Monitoring

The wireless GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor measures and seamlessly communicates blood glucose data to any iOS or Android mobile device. With no wires or complex communication protocols, reliable ongoing health information is immediately available to patients and caregivers via the GlucoMe Mobile App and to medical professionals via GlucoMe’s cloud-based Digital Diabetes Clinic.

Small, Simple, Robust, Reliable

The simplest connected monitor on the market, the GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor is super-small, stylish, and extremely simple to use.

The GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor accurately measures blood glucose and transfers the data to the smartphone.

  • NO Display
  • NO Keys
  • NO On/Off Buttons
  • NO Connector
  • NO Bluetooth
  • NO NFC
  • NO WiFi required
  • NO Cellular Connectivity

Seamless Connectivity, High Reliability

The GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor connects with any iOS or Android smartphone using a simple, unique, and patented acoustic data transfer method. Highly-reliable, robust and accurate, the GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor’s data transmission mechanism is not influenced by environmental noise. Tested in over 1200 scenarios at various noise levels and diverse environments (office, concerts, nature, restaurant etc.), GlucoMe performed flawlessly, with 100% measurement accuracy and integrity.

GlucoMe Blood Monitor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GlucoMe blood glucose monitor FDA cleared?

Not yet. FDA clearance (510K class II) for the GlucoMe blood glucose monitor is expected in 2019.

What is the current regulatory status of GlucoMe blood glucose monitor?

The GlucoMe blood glucose monitor is CE-certified and currently in the process of registration in several global markets. To find out more on the GlucoMe status in your country, please contact us.

What diabetes type is it for?

Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients can benefit from using GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor and GlucoMe Mobile App.

Where can I get it?

GlucoMe is establishing its global distribution network and preparing to launch the product in different territories. Please leave your contact details here and we will update you on our progress in your country.

How accurate is the monitor?

The GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor meets the ISO15179:2013 accuracy standard.

Is the device battery-powered? If yes, what battery do I need to use and what is its lifespan?

The GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor uses a type CR2032 battery, which provides enough power for approximately 1000 tests.

How is data transferred to the mobile device? Do I need an Internet connection?

Blood glucose measurements are transferred to the smartphone via a patented audio connectivity technology that requires no Internet connection. The data is automatically transferred to the GlucoMe Mobile App and safely stored in your cloud-based personal profile.

Can a blood glucose measurement be taken without a mobile device?

No. The blood glucose monitor works only with the mobile app. Measurements cannot be taken without a mobile device.

Can I buy blood glucose strips separately/Can I use other brand test strips with the GlucoMe?

No. The GlucoMe monitor works only with the proprietary GlucoMe blood glucose strips.

What’s in the GlucoMe Kit?

The GlucoMe kit contains the GlucoMe wireless blood glucose monitor, 1 battery, 1 lancing device, 10 lancets, 1 case and a user manual. GlucoMe blood glucose test strips are not included in the kit and should be acquired separately.

Which mobile devices does GlucoMe support?

The GlucoMe wireless blood glucose monitor is compatible with iPhone or iPad devices running iOS 8 or later and Android phones running version 4.0.3 or later.

Can I use it with more than one mobile device?

Yes. The GlucoMe app can be installed on multiple mobile devices. With login details the user can transfer data to the application from any mobile device and it will be synchronized in the cloud.