GlucoMe and DiaMan Announce the Market Launch of GlucoMe’s Digital Diabetes Care Solution in Central America

Digital diabetes platform provider GlucoMe and Norwegian electronic medical record (EMR) company DiaMan AS announced today the market launch of the GlucoMe digital diabetes care solution in Central America.  GlucoMe’s solution will initially be introduced in Guatemala, Panama and the Dominican Republic, thereafter in, Costa Rica and Nicaragua and then followed by the rest of Central America. Approximately 7 million people or 8 percent of the adult population in the Central American region have diabetes.

Under the terms of the accord, GlucoMe will integrate its digital diabetes care solution with DiaMan’s diabetes-tailored EMR software. GlucoMe’s solution will include its full suite of products including the wireless blood glucose monitor, mobile App and Digital Diabetes Clinic software for healthcare professionals. Through its existing channels, DiaMan will lead distribution throughout Central America. DiaMan expects to reach a total of 70,000 users in two to three years in the Central American countries, working closely with hospitals and other institutions in the region.

DiaMan CEO Ove T. Aasen said, “We are very enthusiastic to partner with GlucoMe in Central America, where there is a huge unmet need for diabetes care and an interest in filling this need using innovative solutions like GlucoMe’s. Their platform perfectly complements our diabetes-related electronic medical records solution.  The initial response to the GlucoMe solution has been extremely positive. We are already filling the first purchase order and anticipate many more to come.”

“The agreement with DiaMan is latest step in our world rollout of the GlucoMe digital diabetes management solution.  Today’s news follows our introduction of the solution in India in partnership with Apollo Sugar. We are delighted to work with DiaMan and all of our valued partners to help further modernize the treatment of diabetes worldwide,” said GlucoMe CEO Yiftah Ben-Aharon.

The GlucoMe solution simplifies diabetes management and lessens the burden of diabetes monitoring for medical teams and patients. It makes it easier for diabetes clinics to provide more efficient and when necessary, immediate care, by enabling digital and/or face-to-face intervention for the right patients at the right time, based on real-time information, timely alerts and continuous communication. GlucoMe’s solution helps medical teams treat up to 10X more patients than using standard face-to-face meetings. For patients, it reinforces vital self-care behavior, with less overhead and greater insights. 

“We are delighted to introduce GlucoMe’s digital diabetes care solution to Central America with our valued partner DiaMan.  Our services complement each other to fill a vast and clearly unmet need in this region as well as create a win-win situation for all – patient, physician and management alike,” said Mr. Ofer Asif, EVP Sales & Business Development at GlucoMe.

About DiaMan

The DiaMan software solution provides healthcare workers, doctors and other professionals with a fully integrated system for monitoring physically or remotely self-managed patients with diabetes. A complete Medical Record (EMR) developed by DiaMan enables and organizes all data collected by the patient or health professional, keeping the medical records updated at all times. Access to the patient’s medical record on the mobile phone or tablet enables ambulatory consultation and quick decision making.