Roche Selects Digital Diabetes Provider, GlucoMe, as New Partner from Batch 2 Round of Digital Health Startup Creasphere Accelerator Program

Yarkona, Israel, Jun 5, 2019 --- GlucoMe, innovating and marketing a comprehensive digital diabetes platform, announced today that it will participate in the Startup Creasphere Batch 2 program by Roche and Plug and Play, to explore a possible collaboration to advance its comprehensive digital diabetes platform.

Established in 2018, Startup Creasphere is a digital health innovation hub in Germany set-up by Roche and Plug and Play to accelerate digital healthcare.  GlucoMe was selected by Roche and Plug and Play from one of 11 companies that are taking part in the global initiative. This follows a screening process of over 200 health-focused start-up companies.

“We are excited to be part of the Startup Creasphere program of Roche and Plug & Play,” said GlucoMe’s CEO, Yiftah Ben-Aharon. “From some very tough competition involving world-class promising digital health start-ups, participation in the program will allow to explore a collaboration which would help GlucoMe to rapidly advance our digital diabetes platform to set a new standard in diabetes care delivery.”

GlucoMe is a digital diabetes management solution that effectively and efficiently streamlines the disease management process for patients and the entire healthcare system, including health care providers, supporting medical teams, insurers, tele-medicine and remote care providers.

Using the system, medical teams can identify and prioritize urgent cases for more timely intervention while enabling a significant increase in patient interactions without the need to increase resources and staff. The platform’s advanced insights, analysis and treatment recommendation provide quick guidance for medical teams to enable better control and effective management of diabetes patient populations.


About GlucoMe

GlucoMe is a digital health company developing and marketing a comprehensive digital solution for diabetes management. With its new algorithm-based Decision Support System analyzing relevant diabetes data and providing medical teams with treatment recommendations, GlucoMe is on track to realize its vision of offering an autonomous diabetes care platform.

The GlucoMe solution enables smart and cost-effective remote care and monitoring, streamlining and simplifying diabetes care for patients, caregivers and medical professionals. Its core architecture enables quick and simple implementation and allows organizations to easily scale up while delivering personalized quality care. 

The GlucoMe platform includes an affordable wireless blood glucose monitor; a mobile app; a Digital Diabetes cloud-based monitoring & control management software for healthcare organizations and professionals; and a Control Tower, to enable patient and population data-driven prioritization and management.

For additional information about GlucoMe, visit www.glucome.com.


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