GlucoMe now has CE Mark for Diabetes Decision Support Technology

Yarkona, Israel, June 19, 2019 --- Digital Diabetes Management provider, GlucoMe, today announced that its new Decision Support System (“DSS”) has CE Mark. The DSS is a reliable, algorithm-based, clinical decision support software that assists physicians to ensure optimal oral drug intensification for patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM).  

Diabetes is a progressive disorder and despite guidelines mandating drug intensification within 3-6 months of initial treatment, it is often delayed. This can lead to poor diabetes control and associated health complications. GlucoMe’s DSS uses a proprietary advanced algorithm that enables real-time analysis of patient-specific data to provide physicians with treatment recommendations. The algorithm is 100% compliant with internationally-recognized medication guidelines (ADA and EASD guidelines consensus, 2018). GlucoMe’s solution helps bridge the gap in upholding proper drug intensification timelines, empowering physicians to personalize management of T2DM and improve care.  

GlucoMe’s cloud-based/SaaS solution achieved similar medication recommendations in pilot studies to that of endocrinologists and exceeded that of General Practitioners (GP), the primary care giver. The algorithm generated medication recommendations that were 98% in agreement with endocrinologists versus 82% agreement with GPs.

“Receiving the CE mark is a major leap forward to realizing our vision of providing a smart, end-to-end digital platform that enables efficient and comprehensive diabetes management, said GlucoMe’s CEO, Yiftah Ben-Aharon. “Health care providers and physicians now have a valuable and practical tool that empowers their decision making to better personalize T2DM patient treatment plans. Using the DSS will enable better diabetes control by ensuring each patient receives timely treatment, as well as reduce associated costs from diabetes complications.”

The GlucoMe DSS can be either integrated into a third party EHR – EMR software or can be directly operated from GlucoMe's Digital Diabetes Management platform.

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