Empowering Digital Diabetes Care

Introducing GlucoMe

GlucoMe is a comprehensive, connected diabetes care platform that simplifies the way patients, caregivers, and medical professionals manage diabetes. It combines diabetes monitoring hardware, mobile software and  big data cloud computing infrastructure.

Smart Glucose Monitor
blood glucose meter
A wireless blood glucose monitor that measures and seamlessly communicates blood glucose data to any iOS or Android mobile device.
Decision Support System
A SaaS clinical decision-support platform that uses advanced algorithms to empower physicians by generating personalized diabetes treatment recommendations for their patients.
Mobile Application
mobile App
Serves as a personalized diabetes management companion that collects clinical information automatically and securely transmits it for cloud-based analysis.
Digital Diabetes Clinic
A secure cloud-based diabetes management system for medical professionals that delivers a new level of patient communication and treatment decision support.

Why GlucoMe?

GlucoMe streamlines and simplifies diabetes care for patients, caregivers, medical professionals and payers. Delivering more efficient care, lower overhead and greater insights – GlucoMe reinforces self-care behavior and achieves better clinical outcomes.

For Patients
Glucome For Patients
GlucoMe simplifies life with diabetes and lowers the burden of diabetes monitoring.
For Professionals
GlucoMe takes diabetes care to the next level and changes the way medical teams and patients work together.
For Payers
GlucoMe offers healthcare providers and insurers better high-level visibility and control over diabetes care.

What Our Users Say...

“It was amazing experience to use the GlucoMe BGM. From the first time, it was easy to use, and delivered meaningful information with my tests. It is small and handy – no hassle, no burden. Its size makes GlucoMe BGM a real companion for monitoring my diabetes. The information is presented in a variety of ways that helps make sense of my diabetes day.”

Nestor Ramallo, Norway

“The GlucoMe Blood Glucose Monitor is a fantastic piece of equipment. Groundbreaking technology, accuracy and excellent connectivity combine to enable you to always get your blood glucose values. The meter is very user friendly, as is the app. I also like the placement of the blood sample on the strip. Highly recommended!”

Charles Ruben, Sweden

My overall experience with GlucoMe devices has been extremely positive. The ease of use of the small glucometer and the self-explanatory user interface of the mobile App are impressive.

David Furst, Israel

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